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Taxation Solutions - Haven't filed your taxes yet? Do you owe back taxes to the IRS? If the amount is more than you can afford to pay, then you should seriously consider getting professional back taxes help. Don't put this issue on the back burner, because the penalties, interest charges, and legal actions by the IRS will still continue to snowball. The IRS has many tactics at its disposal to collect back taxes, so you could potentially stand to lose property, percentages of your paycheck, and other valuable assets. While that may sound like a bleak scenario, owing back taxes does not have to unfold like that! There are solutions available to you, ranging from tax settlements to offers in compromise. If you're over your head in federal tax debt, our tax consultants can provide you with the back taxes help you need in and around Nashville. Take the first step to getting tax relief by calling us today for a free phone consultation.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Taxation Solutions, Inc. has the knowledge and expertise to help you overcome virtually any problem with IRS back taxes. Our ability to negotiate directly with IRS officials makes it possible for you to get relief from IRS collection activities, burdensome tax penalties, and overwhelming tax debt obligations. When you turn to our tax resolution team for back taxes help, you can access a range of services that can begin easing your tax problems within a short period of time.

Our back tax help strategies include:

  • Tax settlement negotiations
  • Offers in compromise
  • Appealing government actions
  • Penalty abatement
  • Innocent spouse relief
  • Wage garnishment cessation
  • Audit reconsideration
  • And many others

Taxation Solutions - We can assist you with back taxes We're also just a phone call away whenever you need help with amended tax returns, unfiled income tax returns, and business back taxes.

IRS Back Taxes Settlement

If you owe back taxes that are clearly above and beyond what you could hope to pay within a reasonable period of time, you may be eligible for a back taxes settlement called an offer in compromise. When you turn to Taxation Solutions, Inc. for help with back taxes, we can help you apply for this type of tax resolution or explore other back tax help options with you, such as installment agreements, applying for "currently not collectible" status, and more.

Get your problems with IRS back taxes under control by consulting with our knowledgeable professionals at Taxation Solutions, Inc. today!

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